Monday, January 26, 2009

How to have an interesting day?

I started with this quotations because for me, this days are all the same. It is so boring that I do the same things every day. I'm very tired.

Every day I wake up at six o'clock. Do my bed, wash my face and my tooth, have breakfast, get dressed and go to school. Sometimes I open the TV but there's nothing to watch. So finally when I'm out of my home I do the same way to go to school. Sometimes I see the same person. It's so boring. I pass a funny time when I'm with my friends but almost every time we talk about the same things, they do the same jokes, they rumors the same person every day.

When I finish my school I go to my work. I work in a library for six hours. There is totally routine.
In the end of the day I'm in my home exhausted.
I have to learn a lot because I'm in the last year. Soon I have to pass some exams, who are very difficult. I have to prepare my topic for my diploma.
I am almost sure that you feel in the same way.

So we ask a questions : what can we do to have interesting days to pass?

I'll show to you some topics that I have found to pass an lovely day. Here are some of them:
* First of all when you wake up don't order your bed. Is the first thing that we do so let's try not to do it for some days.
* When we wake up in the morning we can listen our favorite music when we are making a double.
* Don't pass the same day at the same way. It's interesting when we change our road, also we can meet and see different people than we see every day.
* It makes us feel very good when we meet new people and make new friends but it's very important not to forget old friends.
* We can, sometimes, forget the exams and have fun with our friends.
* We can rent a movie and watch it or we can go to cinema with our friends.
* We can do some sports for example play tennis.
* We can only talk with our friends for different problems.
* We can visit our parents

If you follow some of this advise I'm sure you'll pass an interesting day. Have fun!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How to be a leader?

We all want to triumph in our life, but it's very difficult. Life puts us in very strong challenges. With our work, with our nature and with our character we have to face them and to through them away.

During all day we pass: stress, tiredness, happiness etc. but what's important is that we have to push away all this fellings that makes us tired in the end of the day.

We all are enclosed by a lot of people, every day of our life, by our friends, our co-workers, our family etc. so our unique world is full of people.

But how we see our self in the middle of this crowd people that by the way surrounds us?
It's very difficult to define it. But I know one thing for sure: we all want to be distinguished by other people.
It's on your needs that sometimes you become the leader of a lot of people.

Why I said that it's on your needs?
Well, because we want to feel that we are realized as human, we want to feel the power that the leader gives us.

Do we want that other people likes us? Of course. We all want that.
Different people have different qualities. So only few people have born qualities to became a leader.
All of us that don't have this qualitys have to work with our self if we want to be a leader.

So we ask a question: How we can be a leader?

Here are some tips that I advice to follow them:

-We have to be a charismatic person: this means that you have to convince other people for example for a problem only with your ability in speech

-You'll need to have strong character

-You'll have to be a person with develop humor cause it's a phrase 'only smart people have smart humor'

-You'll have to be calm in terrible and difficult situations, also patient

And the last but for the importance it has to be the first : you'll have to have faith and believe in yourself.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Conflict Management

Have you ever been in an terrible situation?
Have you ever fight with your parents, your friend, with unknown people?

I am totally sure that you have. It's in our nature and we can't avoid this.

All of us, in our family, we face with the generation gap. We think that our parents can't understand us. So children and parents discuss a lot today. The children are very non-comformist. They are against of all things.

But most of all we have conflicts in our work. As youth workers, not few times we face confliction situation among participants in national and international level.

We live in a small cultural mix society,while working together, so we have different habits. This does that we crash in conflicts. With problems like this we face everyday because we live in a multiracial society. We think, act, judge in different way from other people who belong to other cultures.

It's very important for our mental and physical helth to be good when we face this difference. We have to be patient.

People who are not patient have to find it for they own good. It's not good to be an angry person.

So we ask a question: how we can manage conflicts?

1- First of all we have to understand cultural differences in order to reduce intolerance in the environment they are working in their associations.

2- We have to acquire knowledge, skills, and good practice to prevent conflicts that might happen in local, national, international level where we are working.

3- We have to combat our prejudices.

4- Non-formal education is an instrument for conflict resolution.